Katy Perry Gives New Song 'Roar' Its First Play On Capital And Talks Song Meaning - Audio

11 August 2013, 08:07 | Updated: 11 August 2013, 08:09

The 'Firework' singer has given Capital an exclusive interview about the first single from her album 'Prism'.

Katy Perry gave her new song 'Roar' its first play on Capital FM this morning (11th August) by calling in to open up about what the single means to her.

The 'Firework' singer revealed she is so excited to finally "let the cat out of the bag" and play 'Roar' for the very first time on-air, as well as going on to explain the uplifting message behind the song.

"I'm excited, as I said, I'm excited to let the cat out of the bag, that's like my go-to statement these days!" Katy revealed exclusively to Capital FM today. "'Roar' is a song about being able to finally speak up for yourself.

"Strangely enough, as much as I'm so loud and proud about my music, sometimes in other aspects of my life I became very introverted and didn't feel like I could say what I meant, and I got to a boiling point and it would just boil over a little bit.

"So 'Roar' was a song I wrote about really standing up for myself, finally, and hopefully people are going to adopt that same message," Katy explained, before promising: "I'm bringing my A-game I'll tell you that."

Check out the official single artwork for 'Roar' below:

The first play of 'Roar' follows a string of teasers over the past week or two in which Katy has been seen saying goodbye to aspects of her 'Teenage Dream' album persona.

The singer previously gave fans a short 5-second clip of the song as a teaser, as well as unveiling the official artwork for 'Roar' a number of days ago.

Listen to Katy Perry chatting to Capital FM about the first play of 'Roar' and what the song means to her below:

Katy Perry giving 'Roar' its first play on Capital FM...

Katy Perry is set to officially release 'Roar' as her new single on 8th September with her third studio album 'Prism' following on 22nd October.

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