WATCH: Katy Perry Gets Real About Difficulties Of Being Pregnant During Quarantine

15 May 2020, 08:50

Katy Perry on being pregnant during quarantine

The 'Daisies' pop star told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp about the difficulties she's facing; being pregnant amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

After Katy Perry announced to the world that she was pregnant, the 'Roar' singer found herself having to self-isolate during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Katy discussed the struggles she's enduring, with expecting a child whilst quarantining.

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Katy Perry is part of The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball's line-up
Katy Perry is part of The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball's line-up. Picture: PA Images

"I cry. I have put myself in my car outside my house and locked the doors," openly admitted Katy. "I think about cravings, but I think 'Do I want to risk my life getting those cravings?'"

Katy Perry then expressed that she's taking the pregnancy one day at a time, as she also plans to release new music during quarantine.

While on Facebook Live to her 65 million followers, Katy said "I definitely have to stay creative.

Katy Perry confirms she's releasing 'KP5' in 2020

"I'm going to put out a record this year; quarantined or not. Because we ain't gonna let no coronavirus stop us from dancing. Even if we're dancing in our homes," confirmed Katy, who said that she will release her fifth studio album.

Continuing, the 'Dark Horse' singer said, "Also, I think some of these songs could be helpful and empowering and joyful. With that, knwoing there's going to be a lot of restrictions, I have to be innovative, so I'm coming up with a lot of innovative plans along the way.

"It won't be as high-production and huge as having all of the ability to access anything like we used to, but I guess the music will speak for itself."

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Katy Perry has opened up about being pregnant during this pandemic, and the struggles of having to self-isolate; as she is constantly worrying about her health.

"I cry when I look down at my toes or I cry when just doing simple tasks. I think a lot of that is hormonal and I'm not used to being around so many people all in a confined or a small space for so long. I'm used to going out all the time," she said.

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