Katy Perry's 'Daisies' Performance Transports Viewers Into 'VR Music Video' & It's Incredible

18 May 2020, 12:23

Katy Perry performs Daises on the American Idol Finale

Katy Perry, 8 months pregnant, has given a ground breaking performance using brand new technology to transport viewers into a virtual music video of her new track 'Daisies', and it's seriously trippy!

Katy Perry's American Idol performance of her latest track, 'Daisies' is being heralded one of the 'best of her career' as she used brand new technology to give a mind blowing performance that transports people from the studio straight into a another place!

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Katy Perry's mind blowing 'Daisies' performance is a virtual reality music video
Katy Perry's mind blowing 'Daisies' performance is a virtual reality music video. Picture: American Idol/ YouTube/ Katy Perry

Starting in the American Idol studio, sat on a chair, Katy soon steps into a whole other room, drawn, with all of its furniture, and it's honestly one of the most mind blowing things we've ever seen!

With exploding daisies, to balancing on a ledge high up in the sky, it was hard to believe the whole production had been done from a TV studio, and we think it takes the gold medal for best lockdown performance yet!

Katy tweeted after the performance: "Hope it transported you out of your living room as much as it transported me into this one."

Katy Perry has great memories of Capital's Summertime Ball

We spoke to Katy ahead of her Best of Capital's Summertime Ball performance from 2012, with the 'Teenage Dream' singer reminiscing being in her twenties and having 'everything to prove' as she had Wembley Stadium in the palm of her hands!

Katy and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together in a matter of weeks, with the singer going through her first pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She admitted she's found the whole thing pretty tough, and even revealed she'd locked herself in her car for a little cry at one point- and honestly, it makes us feel better to know even A-listers are going through it!

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