Harry Styles' Starbucks Doppelgänger Goes Viral On TikTok As Fans Share Drive-Through Video

21 January 2020, 14:21 | Updated: 21 January 2020, 14:26

Fans joked 'they got Harry Styles working at Starbucks'
Fans joked 'they got Harry Styles working at Starbucks'. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles has a doppelgänger in the form of a Starbucks employee.

Harry Styles' fans have found the star's doppelgänger working at a Starbucks drive-through and, unsurprisingly, the hilarious video has racked up huge views on TikTok,

User @fridasakaj stumbled across the employee - who surely has to be Haz's long-lost twin?! - somewhere in America, and everyone is now questioning if he is genuinely related to the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer.

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The video shows a group of friends pulling up to the drive-though to collect their order, whilst blasting Harry's hit, 'Adore You'.

One of the fans asks the employee: "Are you Harry Styles," whilst another adds, "You look like Harry Styles."

The look-alike, known only as Sean, smiles and thanks them - for possibly the biggest compliment anyone could receive - before handing them their drinks.

The clip was shared on Twitter, with the caption: "Brooo they really went 'are you harry styles' I can’t [sic]," and people took to the comments to try and find the guy's Instagram handle.

One said: "God im going to look at his @ on ig, i actually dont know how im gonna do it but ok [sic]," whilst another replied saying, "I used google mf looked for employees Sean but nothing im. weak. [sic].|"

Fans commented on the resemblance
Fans commented on the resemblance. Picture: Twitter
Fans commented on the resemblance
Fans commented on the resemblance. Picture: Twitter
Fans compared Sean to other celebs
Fans compared Sean to other celebs. Picture: Twitter

"No one gonna drop @ or wha [sic]," added a third.

Some fans pointed out the guy looked like the One Direction star meshed with actor Dylan O'Brien.

Others claimed he kinds of looked like Halsey's boyfriend and American Horror Story actor, Evan Peters, with one fan adding: "Nah that guy can't look like harry, dylan o brien and evan peters at once [sic]."

One thing everyone did agree on was that they all need a Harry look-alike at their local Starbucks!

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