Harry Styles Has A Catalogue Of Unreleased Music Videos And Fans Want To See Them Now

24 April 2020, 15:25

Harry Styles has a few music videos fans are yet to see
Harry Styles has a few music videos fans are yet to see. Picture: Getty

Nothing goes unnoticed when it comes to Harry Styles, and his fans are well aware he’s got some never-before-seen music videos under his belt.

Harry Styles is the pop star that continues to surprise everybody in the most magical of ways and fans are now hoping he’ll drop one of the music videos he’s been holding onto for a while.

In yet another Harry-related thread that’s gone viral this week, a long-term stan of the One Direction star shared a series of photos from different videos Harry has starred in over the last few years.

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While three of the snapshots are from Harry’s solo music videos – both outtakes and unseen clips – one is of him and bandmate Louis Tomlinson chatting to a camera crew.

Harry Styles is yet to release the music video for 'Watermelon Sugar'
Harry Styles is yet to release the music video for 'Watermelon Sugar'. Picture: Getty

And out of all four pictures, it seems fans are most keen to see the 1D throwback.

Another sees Mr Styles dressed in a ruffle-collar white shirt looking every inch the Prince Eric we wanted him to be.

The Disney-looking photo is from his video for ‘Two Ghosts’ from his debut solo album in 2017, a music video which was shot but remains unreleased.

The third photo is taken from the director’s cut of Harry’s 2019 single ‘Lights Up’.

Fans are still awaiting the music video for his other 2019 single, ‘Watermelon Sugar’, which is where the first photo is from.

“I would give up on seeing the 1, 3 and 4 videos for the second one,” one fan commented.

Another summarised most fans' feelings, adding: “i just don’t get why he would so such an effort and spend money on mv he’s not even gonna release?! i just wanna see them so bad [sic].”

Harry was seen filming ‘Watermelon Sugar’ in January this year, larking about on a beach in Malibu in vibrant yellow shorts and clutching an actual watermelon.

This, we hope to see soon!

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