Harry Styles Fans Defend ‘Lights Up’ Singer As They Accuse Australian Radio Host Of 'Portraying Him As A Womaniser'

20 November 2019, 11:01 | Updated: 20 November 2019, 13:01

Harry Styles fans were not impressed by the radio hosts who interviewed him
Harry Styles fans were not impressed by the radio hosts who interviewed him. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles’ fans are furious at Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O after their chat with the singer.

‘Lights Up’ singer Harry Styles spoke to KIIS presenters Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O ahead of the release of his next album ‘Fine Line’, but their chat hasn’t gone down well with fans.

The show’s hosts asked him about his favourite parts of his pop star career, where he admitted he loves being on stage but enjoys getting to act too, something he got to display on Saturday Night Live last week.

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However, their chat soon turned to the attention he receives and Kyle’s question has angered stars.

The presenter asked Harry: “When I think of you I think you’re like Vinnie from entourage, Vinnie Chase, you’ve got a couple of friends around, you’re doing your thing there’s women rolling in and out… is that what your life is like? Or is it a lot more normal than we think?”

However, Harry responded to the question well: “I like to split the two in terms of working and not working. I’m definitely aware my working life can be extraordinary at times and isn’t the average thing, but I’d say my personal life is pretty normal.”

But Kyle continued: “I thought there’d be models and girls fighting [over you], and you’d be like, ‘ladies please, one at a time’ it feels like such a waste!”

Putting an end to the awkward question, Harry added: “No, I just don’t do that, I’m sorry.”

Fans have now accused the show’s hosts of “over sexualising” their idol.

One person fumed on Twitter: “I just listened to harry's interview with kyle and jackie o and... a mess. that guy. talking over him. making those assumptions about him being with loads of women. being rude in general. didn't even know when his album comes out. please keep him away. and harry was soo over it [sic].”

“What the f**k? did kyle ask harry about if he has women rolling in and out? how f*****g rude? he has a whole ALBUM AND TOUR on the way and this is what you ask him?” Raged another.

Meanwhile, a third fan said: “I thought we were passed portraying harry as the womanizer. he’s literally thriving off of finally being himself and then Kyle wanted to talk some shit and ruin the interview not to mention they were talking over him.”

Kyle and Jackie O also grilled Harry on how he stores his clothes during his tour, following reports they’re kept in a vault and the star hilariously joked: “There’s dogs, there’s a dragon, there’s another dragon, there’s an angel with a bow and arrow by the gate."

Harry remained cool-headed throughout the interview, focusing on talking about his new album, 'Fine Line' which comes out on 13 December.

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