Harry Styles's 'Fine Line': Theories About His Second Album After He Teases Track List

6 November 2019, 17:27

Harry Styles teases fans with coded tracklisting to 'Fine Line'
Harry Styles teases fans with coded tracklisting to 'Fine Line'. Picture: PA/ Harry Styles.com

'Lights Up' singer Harry Styles has been teasing fans with the tracklist to his upcoming second album, 'Fine Line', and fans have a couple of theories about what they could be.

#CapitalJBB artist, Harry Styles, has gone into full album teaser mode, giving fans little nuggets of information one piece at a time about his upcoming record, 'Fine Line' which officially drops on the 13th December.

Everything We Want From Harry Styles's Second Album 'Fine Line'

His most recent tease was to reveal the tracklisting, only, he turned all the letters into asterisks, leaving a path of frenzied fans desperately trying to decode each song.

As you know, Harry fans don't miss a beat, so their guesses seem rooted in some pretty good knowledge, and here's a few of them.

Harry Styles teases fans with track list for Fine Line
Harry Styles teases fans with track list for Fine Line. Picture: Harry Styles.com/ Official Promo Image

When a fan asked him which track was his favourite, the former 1D singer simply replied '863', which, at first many assumed was a joke, but when a three letter tease appeared on the tracklist- people think he may have a whole song titled '863'.

After having teased 'Watermelon Sugar' on Twitter before confirming in his chat with Capital Breakfast, people are pretty certain that's the second track on the album, and many others are disappointed as an unreleased track, 'Medicine', doesn't seem to be making an appearance.

However, fans aren't 100% on board with Haz's teases, as the cryptic clue he sent in the form of '* **** * ***' didn't even match the length of any of the tracks on the album, leading many to think he's either playing with them, or made a pretty serious typo.

The fan who spotted it wrote: "he really typed * **** * *** with his whole chest ONLY FOR NOTHING ON THE TRACKLIST to have the same amount of stars. let’s fight."

Another joked, "There is no * **** * *** on the tracklist. Harry styles really loves chaos didn’t he?"

So, fan's guesses could all be for nothing, because it seems Mr. Styles may be taking his teases to a whole new level, so until December 13th comes around, we're going to have to keep on guessing, or, as many fans are doing, demanding!

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