Everything We Want From Harry Styles's Second Album 'Fine Line'

5 November 2019, 11:25 | Updated: 5 November 2019, 13:37

Harry Styles is dropping his new album on December 13th
Harry Styles is dropping his new album on December 13th. Picture: PA/Columbia

Here's everything we want from Harry Styles's upcoming second album after he dropped the title and release date, as fans gear up for the hotly anticipated record.

Harry Styles sent everyone, including us, into an absolute frenzy when he casually tweeted the name of his second album, 'Fine Line', along with the artwork and the release date, December 13th, after months of speculation about his highly anticipated record.

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So, as we officially start the countdown Haz's second record, let's take a look at what fans want from it, and what he's hinted is to come.

"Bisexual anthem"

The first track Haz dropped from Fine Line is 'Lights Up', which fans quickly noticed was released on National Coming Out Day, leading them to brand the song a 'bisexual anthem' and ponder why the former 1D singer had chosen the date, was it on purpose to stand with his LGBTQ fans? Or was he even sending a message about his own sexuality?

Lyrics to the song include: "Lights up and they know who you are/ Know who you are/ Do you know who you are?" which is pretty ambiguous, and many are wondering if there will be any continuation of this theme throughout the record.

Taylor Swift collaboration theory

Now, hang on in there with this theory.

We know both Harry and Taylor fans don't miss a trick, so a more out-there suggestion they've come up with thinks the two of them may even have a collaboration in the works on 'Fine Line', and here's why.

Harry's album is dropping on December 13th, which happens to be Taylor's birthday, with the 'Lover' singer celebrating her 30th birthday which is a pretty huge milestone.

Swifties also noticed she put a blue sticker on her calendar for the day, which some have interpreted as something momentous happening (which, TBF, could literally be her birthday), but come on, the fans can often be scarily accurate!

Our minds would be blown if the exes had made amends and some sweet music together, but the jury is definitely out on this one.

The black glove

Harry, like most artists, are very careful and have serious input with all of their visuals, so we know the album artwork is packed full of symbols and meanings about where he's at in his life and the music he's gearing up to release.

So, bearing all of that in mind, what is that darned black glove all about?!

Of course, fans have plenty of theories, with one fan suggesting on reddit it all ties into his 'fine line' theme.

They wrote: The hand could be offering to leave the fine line he is in.. A fine line of masculinity and feminity (blue and pink?), between old and new (the old album had a pink theme, the new one has blue added)... there is a fine line between love and lust, joy and pain, success and failure, fame and isolation."

"In this album he talks about the ups and downs of life, at least he mentions it in the Rolling Stone article, right? That the hand is Black could maybe mean that it’s offering him the dark side of all of this, but I’m Not sure about that!"

Musical style

We've actually got a substantial amount to go from with regards to what the record will sound like, from Harry himself revealing the whole thing is about 'having sex and feeling sad' and has spoken about his idols and musical influences throughout the creative process.

He recorded the album at the iconic Shangri-La studios in Malibu, where he listened to Paul McCartney, and has become BFFs with his idols, Fleetwood Mac, with rumours swirling he's been in talks to perform at Glastonbury 2020. All of this supports the idea of pop rock inspiring his music, and after hearing 'Lights Up', that seems to be clearer than ever.

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