Cheryl Cole Looks Back on Her Early Twenties: "I Was Young And Naive"

5 June 2013, 12:23

The 'Call My Name' star says she feels so much stronger and wiser now she is in her thirties.

Cheryl Cole says she looks back on her early days in the music industry and feels she is "a hell of a lot wiser" now.

The 'Under The Sun' singer got nostalgic in a new interview with InStyle magazine about her time with Girls Aloud in her early twenties, and says she is much happier with herself nowadays.

"When I look at the 21 year-old me, I I do not want to be that person," Cheryl reveals to the publication in their July issue. "I was young and naive.

"I'm a hell of a lot wiser, a hell of a lot stronger," the UK singer-songwriter explained. "I'm just happier with me now.

"It's weird but I'm not scared of it," she added.

Check out a shot of Cheryl Cole from her new InStyle photoshoot below (Credit: InStyle UK/ Vasiljevic):

In the same interview the 'Call My Name' star also opened up on her time on The X Factor UK, and admitted that she didn't feel "strong enough" to cope during her final series of the show in 2010.

View a picture of Cheryl Cole on the InStyle magazine cover below (Credit: InStyle UK/ David Vasiljevic):

Cheryl Cole has been spending time out in Los Angeles this year with boyfriend Tre Holloway amid rumours she is planning to move their permanently following Girls Aloud's recent split.