Grimsby Dad Refused Bail Over Facebook Comments

17 August 2011, 13:58 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Grimsby man's been told he has to stay in jail after appearing in court accused of posting messages encouraging rioting on Facebook.

Dad of two Martin Hartshorn appeared before magistrates in Grimsby earlier but the 21 year old refused bail until a judge decides later this week whether he can be released.

Unemployed Hartshorn was charged under the Serious Crime Act with encouraging or assisting the commission of violent disorder through posting messages on Facebook.

The alleged offences took place on August 9 as rioting broke out in a number of English cities.

Hartshorn, of Macauley Street, Grimsby, North-East Lincolnshire, appeared in the dock with two security guards wearing a black coat, over a black fleece and a black shirt.

He said he did not want to indicate a plea.

The bench decided the case was too serious for magistrates to deal with and ruled it will be committed to Grimsby Crown Court.

Harthorn's solicitor Geoff Ellis applied for bail and chairman of the bench David Stenton said this would be granted with a number of conditions including a curfew and a ban on using any electronic communication device, except a landline telephone.

But Martin Haworth, prosecuting, immediately lodged an appeal and served the papers on Hartshorn in the dock.

Mr Haworth said this meant the defendant would have to be kept in custody until a judge decides on his remand status at Grimsby Crown Court.

He said this will have to happen within the next 48 hours.

Hartshorn was told he will next appear before magistrates on September 28 for a committal hearing.