Man Grabs 11-Year-Old In Southampton

18 October 2013, 07:09 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Southampton Police at Redbridge are seeking the help of local people to identify a man who frightened an 11-year-old girl Monday morning, 14 October.

The girl was on her way to school at about 8-8.10am. As she walked through Lakelands Park, a man, who appeared to be homeless, grabbed her by both arms and, when she broke free, chased her onto the street. 

Just before his action, he said to her: 

“Why are you in the park on your own? That’s a bad choice.” 

The man is described as: 

- Middle-aged, white and scruffy. 

- He had brown, greying hair which was below his ears. 

- He was missing several teeth and was very tall. 

- He wore a grey or dirty turquoise long-sleeved tee-shirt with rips in both arms and dark trousers, possibly jogging bottoms. 

- He wore dirty white shoes without shoelaces. 

PC Dan Turner is appealing for witnesses and information from anyone who recognises the man’s description. 

“At the time of this incident, there would have been dog walkers and other children and their parents in the park, making their way to nearby schools,” he said. 

“The man chased the child out of the park onto Paines Road and then Waterloo Road. This would have been seen by people in the area during this busy school run period.” 

Any witnesses or anyone who can identify the man is asked to contact PC Turner at the Redbridge Police Office on 101.