Car Wreck On Show In Portsmouth

Christmas shoppers in Portsmouth will get to see first-hand the devastation drink-driving can cause today.

As part of Operation Holly, Hampshire Constabulary’s Christmas drink-drive campaign, police are using a car wreck to bring the message into town centres. 
The wreck is due to be on display at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth today (Thursday, December 15) between 9am and 2pm. 
Staff from the police, fire service and Portsmouth City Council's road safety team will be on hand to discuss the drink drive limit and just how long you need to leave it before you get back behind the wheel.
PC Mark Fruin from the Fratton Roads Policing unit said:  “The car we use is provided by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and shows the kind of damage drink-driving can cause. Being able to talk about real examples and show them the damage really bringsthe message home. 
“This is what we as the emergency services, both police and the fire service, deal with and yet these collisions could be prevented. If you suspect that someone is drink-driving, especially if it’s your friend or a loved one, lets us know. By doing so,you could help save their life.”
The council’s Road Safety Co-ordinator Nicola Waight said: “The drink-drive limit can be very hard to understand and almost impossible to work out how it relates to the number of units you can drink. Even a small amount of alcohol can affect your drivingability.
“The best advice would be not to drink at all if you're planning to drive and to be careful not to have a heavy night if you know you're driving the next day. Alcohol takes a long time for your body to process and 1 in 6 convicted drink drivers are caught‘the morning after.”
If you suspect someone has been drinking and is over the limit and getting behind the wheel, text the police on 80999, with details of its registration and where the car is heading. 
If you see someone that you suspect is drink driving or driving whilst drug impaired, you can ring us on 999.