WATCH: Charlie Puth Opens Up About Crying And Throwing Up On Set Of Music Video

15 July 2020, 08:15

Charlie Puth threw up on set of his music video

Charlie Puth told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp that he cried on the set of 'See You Again', and threw up whilst filming the music video for 'Attention'.

Charlie Puth has never been one to shy away from expressing his emotions - in 2018, he even shared a heartbreaking video expressing how he tried to help his friend, Mac Miller, get "clean" before his death.

Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp about the music video for his new song, 'Girlfriend', Charlie opened up about the struggles he's faced on set.

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Charlie Puth joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp
Charlie Puth joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Picture: Getty

"When I think back to when I made 'See You Again', I cried because I didn't know if I was doing the right dance moves," said the 'We Don't Talk Anymore' singer, before saying the label even got him a movement coach.

"If you watch the video, I look so embarrassing," joked Charlie.

He later went on to say that he threw up on the set of the 'Attention' music video, as his on-screen partner, Samara Weaving, was "such a good actress" that her performance brought back so many memories.

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"She played the part so well, she just brought back memories of when someone threw pottery at me, and it was very convincing, so [filming music videos] has always been drama-filled."

In the music video for Charlie's latest single, 'Girlfriend', he can be seen preparing for a date by cleaning his home gym, and spraying room cleaner worryingly close to his takeaway meal.

Charlie Puth - Girlfriend [Official Video]

Charlie said in a recent release that "The video for 'Girlfriend' is the first time I've truly been myself in every aspect."

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