Brain Waves Power Ride

15 March 2015, 07:18 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Nottingham professor has designed a new fairground ride that works by using people's brain waves.

Riders of Neurosis will wear virtual reality headsets to create a world made up of their brain data.

Professor Brendan Walker, from the University of Nottingham, designed it:

'The fairground has a long tradition of being a place that the public can literally ride new and emerging technology in the pursuit of pleasure and excitement.

'Neurosis is a ride that will appeal to anyone fascinated by the recent explosion in body monitoring technologies and services on offer, the personalised entertainment experiences they might be able to help create, or simply those looking for new types of thrilling experience.'

Neurosis has a six-degree-of-freedom motion simulator and virtual reality headset to immerse the rider in a surreal environment controlled not by a ride operator but by the rider's own brain activity.

The ride gets its world premiere at FutureFest this weekend.