Mum Of Soldier Killed In Afghan Backs Docu

Helen Gray from Leicester says she hopes new video footage showing the moments before and after her son Chris's death will help other families who've lost relatives in war.

For the first time ever shots from headcams worn by soldiers on tour has been screened on TV.

Helen says the footage has helped her: "There's questions going round and round and round in your head. You're actually beating yourself up silly all the while. The footage does show what went on; it does explain so much - and you know they're out there for each other, and they do everything possible to save him".

Chris died when he came across Taliban fighters attempting to ambush another platoon.

This was all recorded on the helmet cams - Chris was also wearing one.

To this day, Helen has not watched the footage from Chris's helmet camera - and told us she thought she'd never be able to watch ANY of the other shots.

"At Brize Norton, at the beginning, you see Chris - and I thought - that's my Chris - it was just so lovely to see him. Then reality hits. And you know, all them there with him came home. And Christoper didn't. So that is hard".

Footage of Chris being carried on a stretcher and worked on in the Chinook helicopter also features in the documentary - Helen says that was too difficult and too painful to watch.

The armed forces will potentially also be able to use these images as training for future soldiers - as Helen explains "it shows the young lads that are training, and will be going to Afghan, or another warzone - what to expect, what to do, in case things like this happen - and yes - they do happen"