Libya Described As 'Hell'

An East Midlands man who has just got back from Libya has described his journey with his wife and two young children as 'absolute hell'.

Adel Mansouri, from Nottingham, was forced to wait outside Tripoli airport in wet and windy conditions:

"I'm glad to be here, that's the main thing.

"But to be honest, because I've got a family, a child who's two-and-a-half years old and a five-year-old daughter, it's been absolute hell for them and also for us.''

The 45-year-old, who is originally from Libya but who has spent most of his life in the UK, got off the first FCO plane evacuating people from Libya, via Malta:

Talking about the difficulties he had in caring for his young family, he said:

"The main problem for us was trying to get the children warm and trying to get them to go to sleep. It was really difficult.

"It was a little bit scary, to be honest, being in that airport at that time.''