Leicestershire Murder: A Year On

3 February 2014, 07:23 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

More than 2,500 lines of enquiry have been looked at as part of a murder investigation in Leicestershire.

Hayley died from a single gunshot wound at a house she was visiting in Sunnydale Road, Hinckley, on February 3 last year.

Hayley's family said:

'The fact 12 months have passed has done nothing to lessen our grief.

'We have had to go through Christmas, and her children's fourth and eighth birthdays, without Hayley.

'We miss her every day. The one thing that could help was if we knew the people responsible for killing Hayley were going to be properly punished. If you know something that could help the police, please, please come forward.'

Murder Weapon

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood, from East Midlands Special Operations Unit-Major Crime, is leading the investigation:

'We are pursuing this investigation vigorously. This is a very complex case. My team has taken more than 2,500 actions, and we are continuing to pursue new lines of enquiry every week.

'We are working with experts in a number of fields, including the Crown Prosecution Service, with a view to taking the case to court.

'My message to those who have anything at all to do with Hayley’s murder is quite clear. This will not go away.'

One piece of evidence he is keen to secure is the murder weapon.

DCI Tony Yarwood: East Midlands Major Crime Unit

Police have arrested 21 people as part of their murder enquiry. Nine remain on police bail, but so far no-one has been charged.