Controlled Explosion For Parts Of Radford Student Halls After Fire

1 April 2015, 18:06 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Part of a student halls in Radford which has been on fire for more than 2 days is going to have a controlled demolition.

Fire crews say only part of it is being looked at at the moment but they'll be taking advice on whether this will need to be extended to other parts of the building in the next few days.

Around 60 firefighters are still dealing with the building fire on Player Street, Radford, which started at around 2pm on Monday.

Crews from Nottinghamshire are there and they've also called in Derbyshire and Leicestershire fire and rescue services to help.

Nottinghamshire Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service and Nottingham City Council are also involved because of the size of the fire.

Group Manager Chris Clark said: “At this point, as with any building that has been subjected to this level of fire, there is a risk that some areas of the building may collapse and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is working closely with the relevant experts and structural engineers to ensure this is done in a controlled manner.

“We are very aware and concerned of the impact this is having on the local community and we are working closely with our partner agencies to ensure the impact of this is kept to a minimum, with the safety of local people, our firefighters and all those involved in dealing with the incident being our number one priority.”

Several roads remain closed around the scene, and people are asked to avoid the area if at all possible.