Campaign To Pay For Black Country Motorcyclists' Funeral

17 April 2015, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Friends and family of a Black Country dad killed in a motorbike crash have started a fundraising auction online to raise money for his wife and children.

Tom Zmiko, from Featherstone, was killed in Penkridge when his bike collided with a car last month.

They say they want to help pay for his funeral as he didn't have life insurance.

"He's got two very young girls and a wife they also need a means right now and it would be nice for her not to have to worry about where the next pennies and that are coming from.

"They need some relief as a family and they think one of the worst things to have to stress about now a days is money and that's the last things they need to think about at all."

"Everybody that met him you'd smile he brought a lot of joy to people.

"Him and his wife set up a children's entertainment company and he was just full of life he was the throws behind it.

"Being so young many of us think we're invincible and he didn't have anything like life insurance or anything like that put behind which is why everybody has sort of got behind him."

To make a donation go to the site's go fund me page.