Will.i.am On Music And Technology: "I'm Probably The Only One Who Understands It"

22 March 2012, 13:34 | Updated: 22 March 2012, 13:42

The 'Great Times' star says he is always trying to keep ahead of the game and the way people can create music.

Will.i.am has confessed that he believes he is the only person who truly understands the music industry.

The Black Eyed Peas man spoke to Bloomberg News from his studio where he began talking about the equipment which is available to people these days and was surprised record companies didn't see a change earlier.

He said: "Every producer uses the equipment – I'm probably the only one who understands what this industry is and it's technology."

The star also added that he believed "new technology has come to render studios obsolete" and admitted he has no problems being called a geek.

"Geek and nerds and youth make unique," he quipped.

Earlier this month, the star took to his Twitter account to state that he was ready to embark on a "new creative journey" after a technology meeting in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Will is getting ready to launch the new music reality show The Voice which will air for the first time on Saturday night (24th March).