Will.i.am Defends Justin Bieber Over Anne Frank Comments And Calls Him "One Of The Best"

20 April 2013, 09:43

The '#ThatPower' rapper says Justin has coped very well having to grow up in the public eye.

Will.i.am has hailed Justin Bieber as one of the greatest talents he has ever worked with, as well as commenting on the 'Boyfriend' singer's recent controversy over Anne Frank.

The US rapper unveiled the music video for his Justin Bieber collaboration '#ThatPower' this weekend, and has now praised the singer with being "one of the best" in the business.

"Justin is a great talent," will.i.am told The Sun this week, when asked about the teen phenomenon. "Of all the people i have worked with over the past five years, he is one of the best.

"I remember when I was 19, it was pretty tough," the Black Eyed Peas frontman recalled. "The difference between me and him is that I got to grow up in private, he is growing up in front of everybody!"

Will.i.am went on to comment on the controversy surrounding Justin's recent visit to the Anne Frank House during his stay in Amsterdam, after he wrote that he hopes Anne "would have been a Belieber" in the museum's guestbook.

"He went to a museum! If you go to Amsterdam you are going to see some crazy freaking s**t," will joked. "There is a lot of s**t to do in Amsterdam but he chose to go to Anne Frank's house. The guy is alright!"

Check out a picture of will.i.am out and about in London this week below (Credit: Splash):

The 'Scream & Shout' rapper went on to say he is impressed by how well the Canadian star has coped recently with "that freaking microscope of scrutiny and judgement'.

WIll.i.am releases his new album '#willpower' this Monday (22nd April).