Usher's 'nosey fan' apologises

The woman who kicked Usher in the face during a recent New York concert has issued a public apology.

The OMG star made Donnetia Rabb's night when she pulled him up on stage at Madison Square Garden last Monday night.

He teased the 35 year old with a sexy dance but she repaid him by accidentally kicking him in the head with her shoe.

Usher laughed off the incident and insisted he was fine, quipping, "We play rough in the bed... We kick each other in the face and all that good stuff!"

In a statement issued via, she said: "I would like to extend my sincerest apology to you and all of your fans. The concert was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining that I have ever attended. I do hope that my over excited, once in a lifetime moment did not leave you with any marks or even as much as a headache."