Usher on Summertime Ball: "It's going to be incredible!"

After celebrating his second week as number oe on the Big Top 40 with hot new track 'OMG', Usher will be taking the UK by storm over the next couple of weeks as he will be releasing his new album and making his long-awaited UK stage return at the Summertime Ball.

Kevin HughesStory by Capital's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes

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The multi-platinum selling US artist from Atlanta was due to visit us at Capital last week, but thanks to the volcanic ash from that Icelandic volcano, he was unable to make the trip over. But when I caught up with him on the phone, and told me he was genuinely disappointed he couldnt be in London this week..

Usher chats about missing his UK trip

And I had to ask Usher about another act confirmed for the Ball- a certain Justin Bieber! Usher helped propel the Canadian teenager to worldwide fame, but I wanted to find out if a planned duet with Justin is on the cards at the Summertime Ball? Usher wouldnt confirm or deny rumours Im afraid, but have a listen.

Usher chats about performing with Justin Bieber at the Summertime Ball

And great newsladies! Usher told me hes single and looking forward to seeing the ladies at Wembley and confirmed that hes planning 'a remarkable' show at Wembley.

Usher chats about his upcoming Summertime Ball performance

And I had to ask him, is there anything you want to demand at Capitals Summertime Ball with He told me, but I'm not quite sure if I can get him what he asked for...

Usher talks about what he wants in his dressing room at the Summertime Ball