Usher On New Album 'Looking For Myself': "I've Really Given My Heart On This One!"

9 May 2012, 13:46 | Updated: 9 May 2012, 14:13

The 'Scream' singer says fans can expect a lot of emotion on his seventh studio album.

Usher says he can't believe the release of his new album 'Looking For Myself' is almost hear, and has promised fans he gave his heart on the upcoming studio record. 

The 'Climax' singer has been working heavily on his seventh studio offering for the past few months, and recently unveiled the album's next single 'Scream' on Capital FM.

"It's crazy… after all these months of work. It's finality here," Usher tweeted last night (8th May). "I've really given my heart on this one!! URIV - Evolve or Evaporate." 

Last week the 'Without You' singer unveiled the full track listing for his new record, featuring 14 tracks in its standard edition with an additional four for the deluxe, which also revealed collaborations on the album with both Rick Ross and Luke Steele from Empire Of The Sun. 

Usher's new album 'Looking For Myself' is available to pre-order now and is set to be officially released on 11th June while his new single 'Scream' is due out on 4th June.

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