Usher Sings Happy Birthday To David Beckham's Son Brooklyn

7 March 2012, 06:48 | Updated: 7 March 2012, 06:57

The 'OMG' singer gave a special surprise greeting to celebrate the LA Galaxy star's child turning 13.

Usher surprised David Beckham's son Brooklyn on his 13th birthday by singing to him down the phone.

The 'With You' star was asked to perform the special celebratory greeting by the LA Galaxy star who left his son gob smacked on Sunday (4th March) morning.

A source told the Daily Star: "Brooklyn was having a great morning sharing all of his presents with his little brothers. He's naturally quite shy and isn't one for courting attention, even on his birthday.

"As he was unwrapping a new Arsenal football kit, David casually walked in telling him there was someone on the phone who wanted to wish him happy birthday. Brooklyn had been getting calls from England all morning, so just assumed it was another relative.

"When he picked up the phone, Usher sang Happy Birthday. Brooklyn is crazy about Usher and has met him a few times. He went bright red and started to get really shy. He told his dad afterwards that it was the best birthday present ever."

The American star also surprised Justin Bieber on his 18th birthday recently by handing him a $100,000 electric car with manager Scooter Braun in celebration of his big day.