WATCH: We Never Clicked On A Video So Fast Than When We Saw The Vamps Covering Clean Bandit's 'Rockabye'

5 January 2017, 07:40

Rockabye - Clean Bandit (Cover By The Vamps)


The Vamps + a Vodafone Big Top 40 number one = HAPPY, HAPPY US.

If - in the very unlikely event you've heard 'Can We Dance' too many times - then may we suggest a new song to fill your The Vamps fixation?

Brad, Connor, James and Tristan uploaded a cover of Clean Bandit's HUGELY successful 'Rockabye' to their YouTube channel, and it is absolutely brilliant.

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Covering Anne-Marie's vocals, Brad can be heard singing lyrics like "She tells him "ooh love" / No one's ever gonna hurt you, love", while the guys play their instruments through a sepia filter, so you know it's cute af.

The Vamps Jingle Bell Ball 2016Pic: PA Photos

Even the likes of Lucy and Lydia got involved, commenting on the video saying "LOVEEE THIS!" with all of the E's. Anne-Marie also shared their video on Twitter, and if she gives it the seal of approval, you have to watch it!

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