WATCH: Nick Jonas Picks Between Performing Alone Or With Jonas Brothers

16 May 2020, 14:17 | Updated: 16 May 2020, 14:21

Nick Jonas picks between performing alone or with brothers

The 'Jealous' singer said he preferred performing at Capital's Summertime Ball with his Jonas Brothers bandmates, rather than as a solo artist.

Nick Jonas has performed at Capital's Summertime Ball several times - twice as a solo artist, in 2015 and 2016 - and once, after the Jonas Brothers reunited, last year.

Ahead of The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball today from 5pm, Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp asked the 'Jealous' star which of the times he preferred.

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Jonas Brothers are on The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball's line-up
Jonas Brothers are on The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball's line-up. Picture: PA Images

"I think it was definitely better this last time, with the Brothers. I mean, my solo performances were cool, but I don't mind people in my space," said Nick. "My door is always open... Except for when in quarantine!"

Previously, Nick Jonas had performed the likes of 'Levels', 'Close' and 'Jealous' to Capital's Summertime Ball, but last year, he also joined Joe and Kevin to sing 'Burnin' Up', 'Cool', 'Sucker' and a surprise performance of 'Year 3000' featuring Busted.

Last year, whilst speaking to Roman Kemp, the Jonas Brothers said their split was important for them, and now they can experience new and different things as a band, now that they're together again.

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Nick told Roman that one of the best parts of being a band again was that he now can have conversations with his older fans, as they've grown up with them.

He quipped about the screaming fans, but enjoyed the fact that he can now have a sit-down chat with them.

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The Jonas Brothers join the likes of Katy Perry, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande on the line-up for The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball, today!

You can watch the two hour show worldwide on Global Player, Sky One or NOW TV if you're in the UK, plus it will also be broadcast worldwide exclusively on Capital's YouTube channel, all simultaneously kicking off at 5pm UK (9am PST, 12 Noon EST).