WATCH: This Is The Moment Rita Ora Prank Called Chris Martin And Screamed 'Home Alone' Quotes At Him

9 December 2017, 18:06

NOTE: Don't give Rita your number, otherwise this'll happen...

Some people don't get to spend Christmas with their loved ones; Rita isn't going to see her pal, Chris Martin, over the festive period...

So while she was chilling backstage at #CapitalJBB, Roman Kemp thought he'd do her a solid and bring the two together.

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Rita Ora with Roman Kemp

But it is Roman Kemp we're talking about here - he did it with a twist.

Ro dared Rita to send the Coldplay frontman a voice note wishing him a holly, jolly Christmas. The only problem is that he dared her to do it using 'Home Alone' quotes.

Just imagine Chris' poor little face waking up to hearing this. Just. LOL.

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We're pleased Rita Ora didn't throw a sickie at the #CapitalJBB, because she's FAR TOO good at those!