QUIZ: Rita Ora... Not?! Working Out If These Pics Are The 'Anywhere' Star WILL Give You Trust Issues

1 December 2017, 15:59

Rita Ora

You better get 10/10 on this!

We can't wait to watch Rita Ora take over London's O2 stage at the #CapitalJBB - it's gonna be seriously special.

But we really need the real Rita Ora and not a fake imposter, so we're asking for your help to make sure we get the real deal.

> “I Know People Might Say It’s Young…” Rita Ora Reveals Why She’s Frozen Her Eggs At Just 26

All you have to do is filter out the fake Rita's from actual Rita in a game we've cleverly called 'Rita Ora Not?'. So give it a go and help us get RITA to the ball...


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Whilst you're here, remind yourself of the time Rita showed us all how to pull a sickie...