Niall Horan Says One Direction Will Reunite When They’ve ‘Aged As Well As Take That'

5 March 2020, 10:54

Niall Horan One Direction
Niall Horan said 1D will reunite when they've 'aged as well as Take That. Picture: Getty

Niall Horan said he would like to replicate the success of Take That when One Direction eventually reunites.

There has been a lot of talk about One Direction reuniting to mark their 10th anniversary this year, but Niall Horan’s latest admission seems to hint the boys; Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne, will be a lot older when they eventually get back together.

The ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ hitmaker said when Take That reunited in 2006, they looked better than ever before and Niall wants the same for his 1D co-stars.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, Niall said: “When they came back they looked better than they ever did. If we all look that good, I’ll take it.”

One Direction Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne
One Direction went on hiatus in 2016. Picture: Getty

Niall also hopes to replicate the success Take That had when he, Harry, Louis, and Liam eventually reunite.

The 26-year-old added when he and the boys regroup he’d want them to ‘bring joy’ to the fans who missed them, planning a surprise selfie to make the announcement.

He continued: “To come back as great as they did - you know, it didn't look forced. I would hate for people to be like, 'Here they are coming for the money - because they've spent it all'.

"If and when we come back, it would be to bring the joy back to people who had missed us and the fact that we could break the internet with that selfie! I wanna do it when everyone is f**king ready."

Niall Horan One Direction
Niall Horan said the boys would announce their reunion with a selfie. Picture: Getty

Niall compared their selfie to the one Jennifer Aniston posted when the cast of Friends were hanging out, as they’re both groups who have been in the spotlight for the long-term.

He explained: “When I saw that Instagram that Jennifer Aniston posted with the cast of Friends, it kind of reminded of 1D, because they're the only ones that get it."

Although the boys have each embarked on their own solo projects since taking a hiatus in 2015, the ‘Slow Hands’ singer insisted they’re “basically brothers for life”.

Louis also frequently discusses the possibility of a One Direction reunion, while Harry typically stays tight-lipped.

In January Louis said he's "only just finding his feet" in regards to his solo career but added a reunion would "happen at some point".

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