Lizzo Flew To Australian Food Bank To Help Communities Affected By Bushfire

8 January 2020, 11:52

Lizzo thanked workers for their help during Australian bushfire
Lizzo thanked workers for their help during Australian bushfire. Picture: Getty (L); Twitter (R)

The 'Juice' singer travelled to Australia to visit FoodBank in order to thank those helping during the bushfire.

Lizzo is currently touring Australia, performing her hits 'Good As Hell' and 'Truth Hurts' to her millions of fans. Whilst she was down under, she visited air workers helping with the bushfire.

Just a day after quitting Twitter due to trolls, one person spotted her at FoodBank in Australia, thanking the aid workers.

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Mike Adey, one of those helping those suffering from the terrible bushfires in Australia, shared two photos of Lizzo at FoodBank - in one of which she was seen wearing a high-vis jacket.

"The American singer Lizzo came to visit us at FoodBank today to say thanks for helping our bushfire effected communities," wrote Mike.

Speaking to the helpers, Lizzo said "Thank you so much for volunteering your time and your energy and your hearts," after praising them for the importance of their work.

She then proceeded to help pack boxes of food and care, to provide immediate response to those who needed it most during the fire.

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Previously, Lizzo got vocal about the help needed on her Instagram Story. In a video to her 7.3 million followers, she held a stuffed koala and begged her fans for assistance.

"Being over here in Australia has really given me a real time view into what's happening with these devastating fires and for all of my followers who are mostly American," she uttered.

"I just want to say that this is a global crisis. I don't want to politicize anything. This isn't a political issue at this point; this is a human issue," she continued, before mentioning the emissions that were affecting the Earth's atmosphere.

Whilst she noted that not all of her followers and fans will have the finances to donate to causes, they could still "carry an awareness" for the issue.

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