Lewis Capaldi Reveals Who 'Someone You Loved' Is About & It's Not An Ex

13 February 2020, 15:55

Lewis Capaldi's 'Someone You Loved' is not about an ex
Lewis Capaldi's 'Someone You Loved' is not about an ex. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Lewis Capaldi has confirmed that his huge song 'Someone You Loved' isn't actually written about an ex girlfriend.

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that his huge single 'Someone You Loved' is not written about an ex, including current Love Island contestant Paige Turley.

In an interview with an Australian music channel, Lewis confirmed that the song is actually about his grandmother, not a former flame.

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Lewis Capaldi's song 'Someone You Loved' is about his grandmother
Lewis Capaldi's song 'Someone You Loved' is about his grandmother. Picture: Getty

Lewis said, "The song is not about a lady who I was in a romantic relationship. It's about my grandmother, who's dead, f**k."

Attempting to keep the conversation on the lighter note, Lewis continued, "She died a few years ago. Your classic death, not coming back that sort of thing."

The single which was nominated at the GRAMMYs for 'Song of the Year' had humble beginnings; "One day I sat down at my piano, after the death, and I started messing around", Lewis added.

"And as fortune had it my gran had just died - I went into a session and I was like 'I can't write another heartbreak ballad'.

When Love Island contestant Paige revealed that she'd been in a relationship with Lewis, many believed the song could have been about her. The singer confirmed the pair had dated however he hadn't been given a heads up that she'd be starring on the show; "She never told me she was going on it, that would have been a nice heads up, but fair play, good luck to her".

The Scottish singer, who's nominated at the Global Awards for Best Male, was recently name-checked by his pal Niall Horan who confirmed the pair have recorded a song together.

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