WATCH: Lewis Capaldi's Hilarious Rant About Niall Horan's 'Dirty' 'Nice To Meet Ya' Video

7 October 2019, 11:44

Lewis Capaldi's commentary to Niall Horan's 'smutty' new music video is everything
Lewis Capaldi's commentary to Niall Horan's 'smutty' new music video is everything. Picture: Instagram @LewisCapaldi

Lewis Capaldi has a few thoughts about his good friend Niall Horan's latest music video and obviously, they're all hilarious.

Lewis Capaldi has been making everyone howl with laughter over the weekend posting footage of himself watching Niall Horan's music video for 'Nice To Meet Ya' for the first time and providing some priceless commentary.

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Bragging that he was about to watch his dear friend Niall Horan's brand new video, he wasn't expecting the surprisingly cheeky tone of the video that sees Niall track down a girl who left her phone at his house whilst sneaking out.

The 'Hold Me Why You Wait' singer says: "Niall Horan's got a new song out, 'Nice To Meet YA', I'm gonna watch the video, I've not seen it the song."

"My good pal Niall Horan, of One Direction fame, and his own, and his own,... solo career, good man."

"Is that a lady? Excuse me? Oh my god....I can't bel- [gasps]."

"You dirty b***ard... you dirty boy. That is smut. A lady in your house?! You weren't playing checkers!"

"He's got dirty thoughts, look at him. He's got dirty on his mind this boy." 

Lewis Capaldi wasn't ready for Niall Horan's cheeky music video
Lewis Capaldi wasn't ready for Niall Horan's cheeky music video. Picture: Instagram @LewisCapaldi

The Scottish star started to get nostalgic, pulling up Niall's X Factor audition from 2010, mourning the loss of the singer's innocence, and it might be the funniest thing we've heard all year.

He said: "What happened to that young Irish boy with the braces... do you think he would have had bl**dy ladies in house, no! He brushed his teeth and went to bed at nine and a half pm."

"I'm speechless, I'm lost for words."

Lewis Capaldi's sad Niall has lost his youthful innocence
Lewis Capaldi's sad Niall has lost his youthful innocence. Picture: Instagram @LewisCapaldi

The two BFFs then FaceTimed so Lewis could deliver his all-important verdict on the filthy video, with Niall letting his fans in on the action, writing:

"Two shirtless Celtic models chatting about life in the industry and Lewis giving me the breakdown of the video...You're all welcome."

We're 100% here for this Celtic model/singer friendship, even is Niall is filthy minded these days.

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