Lana Del Rey Made Her Back-Up Dancer Fall Over On Stage & LOL

26 January 2018, 15:38

Why is it just so damn funny when people fall over?

It''s finally time for you all to know exactly what it takes to become a true hero in the eyes of Capital. No, it's not glorious singing and kick-ass dance moves. It's accidentally making one of your back-up fall flat on their face.

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That's exactly what happened when the 'Born To Die' took to the stage in Ohio last night. What looked like an innocent slap on the butt from the songstress soon turned pair shape as her dancer went flying (and yes... it was hilarious).

Lana Del Rey selfie

PIC: Lana Del Rey/Instagram

Does it make it even funnier that Lana doesn't even notice what happens? Um YES! 

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Of course, Twitter wouldn't be Twitter without a good debate. Completely unrelated to the mishap, fans of Lana and fellow alt-pop act Halsey got into a argument over who is THE queen of alternative.

Lana's back-up dancers aren't the only one with on-stage fails... check out Katy Perry's flailing dancer!

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