Katy Perry "Did Everything" To Make Marriage To Russell Brand Work

26 June 2012, 14:21 | Updated: 26 June 2012, 14:36

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer reveals that she gave her best shot to ensure she stayed together with the British comedian.

Katy Perry has confessed that she tried "everything" possible to make sure her marriage to Russell Brand worked.

The 'Firework' singer divulges details on her break-up during her new movie Part Of Me, according to MTV.

During one scene the singer is asked as to whether she still misses the star of new film Rock Of Ages.

After breaking down, she admits her willingness to succeed in everything she does helped spur her on – but ultimately she couldn't prevent the inevitable.

"I have that same belief system with everything, from career to my life to my personal life, everything," she admitted. "And I will do everything it takes to not fail," she shares. "And I did everything it took, but it still failed."

She continued: "I thought to myself, 'When I find that person that's going to be my life partner, I won't ever have to choose [between the partner and my career].

"They won't be threatened or have weird motives.' Then I started to realise, that's not true."

You can view a picture of Katy promoting her new movie in Los Angeles yesterday (25th June) below:

The star told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that she put "everything" into her movie in a "tasteful" way.

The official premiere of the film Katy Perry: Part Of Me will be held in Hollywood tonight (26th June) and the American singer will offer fans a special live performance before she takes to the red carpet of the event.

Katy's movie hits cinema screens on 5th July.