WATCH: Jessie J Belted Out 'Bang Bang' In Living Room Concert & It's Giving People Life

1 April 2020, 11:48 | Updated: 1 April 2020, 13:46

Jessie J steps up live home concerts with amazing performance

Jessie J gave a full concert, costume and lighting included over Instagram live and people are absolutely living for it.

Jessie J has given the people exactly what they needed during lockdown, hosting a concert from her living room complete with a stage outfit, lighting controlled by, well, her, and a blow up microphone as she belted out some of her best known hits.

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Jessie J hosts a concert from her front room and it was extra AF
Jessie J hosts a concert from her front room and it was extra AF. Picture: Instagram @jessiej

Starting the concert off like a true live gig experience, the lights were off, with just lazer lights (excuse the pun) on the wall, with Jessie switching up dramatic poses as a spotlight (her living room light) periodically flashed on and off, for full effect.

The British pop star later belted out her huge hit with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, 'Bang Bang', much to the delight of those tuning in!

People flooded Twitter shouting about her amazing Instagram live, with one fan writing, "Jessie J WINS this quarantine Instagram live thing. Full on lights and costume in her own house. And it’s her birthday...GIVE THE GIRL HER ROSES."

Jessie turned 32 on the 27th March!

Aside from the incredible performance put on from the 'Price Tag' singer, we couldn't help but notice the absolutely insane amount of people tune into the live.

The count was at 14 million viewers, leaving us pretty speechless, as even the biggest names in pop have been average tens of thousands at most!

Then, we remembered that Jessie won a singing competition in China that has been likened to The X Factor, in 2018.

China has a population of more than a billion people- so taking that into consideration, the number might not seem so unbelievable!

You go Glen Coco!

Jessie J 《I Have Nothing》 - 单曲纯享《歌手2018》第2期 Singer2018【歌手官方频道】

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