WATCH: Enjoy Jax Jones' HORRIFIED Reaction When We Gifted Him His "Worst Nightmare" At The #CapitalJBB

9 December 2017, 17:59

We might just be written off of his Christmas card list, tbf.

Christmas is a time of family, friendship and all-round happiness. Unless, y'know, you're Jax Jones.

The superstar producer popped by to pay Roman Kemp a visit before his set at #CapitalJBB, and we couldn't let him go home empty handed, could we? It's Chrimbo, after all.

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Jax Jones with Roman Kemp

So when the 'Instruction' hitmaker played a game involving some rather sneaky mistletoe, he got quite the shock. Rather than snogging his new wife, he ended up kissing a... Pickled egg.

Now, we didn't know this when we did our weekly shop, but it turns out that Jax Jones absolutely DESPISES eggs. We may have just ruined Christmas for him.

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