Iggy Azalea's Planning The 'Great Escape'... As Teases Her NEW Album!

12 December 2014, 11:30

Iggy Azalea

The 'Black Widow' superstar has been teasing a new tour AND a new album. Thanks Iggy!

Get ready to escape with Iggy… as the lady herself starts teasing plans for her SECOND album!

The 'Fancy' superstar has revealed that her next tour will be called 'The Great Escape Tour', and says her second studio album will be themed along the same lines! Ooh, consider us intrigued, Iggy!

"Also my tour is called' The Great Escape Tour' and this name is somewhat relatable to what ill be naming Album2," she tweeted.

Iggy's clearly got big plans for the follow-up to her debut album 'The New Classic', and has also been sharing some life wisdom with her fans!

"I hope anyone who's had a "bad" year can look at it as a year of growth for them, 2011 and 2012 were the hardest years for me," Iggy tweeted, while getting deep with her fans on Twitter. "But now I look back on them and I understand that it was needed for me to get tough and get things in order.

"Everything happens as it's meant," she added. "I hope if you're going thru it you take it as a pre-cursor to your success and happiness and push on forward.

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