Iggy Azalea Got Her Own Back On Cheating Fiancé Nick Young By Burning His Things

19 March 2018, 11:53 | Updated: 19 March 2018, 16:04

Thousands of pounds of designer clothes went in the fire pit!

There’s nothing worse than catching someone cheating on you, especially if that someone is your fiancé, but it looks like Iggy Azalea got her own back in pretty extreme fashion.

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For those of you that missed it at the time, Iggy and Nick Young (aka Swaggy P) were engaged until 2016, when she dramatically kicked him out after she caught him cheating on their home security cameras and it was revealed that he got his ex pregnant too.

Now Iggy’s spoken out abut how she got her revenge on Nick after she found out about his bad behaviour, telling Watch What Happens Live about how she burnt all of Nick’s belongings.

Iggy described her (highly illegal – so don’t be getting any ideas) actions, “I burned it all, darling! I burned a lot, and I threw stuff into the pool too. I started off with water and it just seemed like that didn't work.

“Every designer you can think of, I burned. See this is what I did. He was out, and I used to break stuff in our house and I realize I was breaking my own s**t, like that's stupid, and he didn't care. So I was like, I'm going to find something you care about and I'm going to start destroying that, which was his clothes, and we had a fire pit outside, a nice fire pit you can put on with the gas.

“I text him a video, and I was like, ‘hey I'm burning your s**t, I'm burning your things, so I don't know where you're at, probably with some girl, so I hope you get home quickly because I'm moving on, we're progressing on a spectrum of cheap to expensive’.

“But I will say expensive doesn't burn well... all the Forever 21 just went whoosh."

We don’t recommend trying this at home but at least Nick has the megabucks to replace his burnt threads! 

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