Iggy Azalea Fans: The 12 Stages EVERY Super-Fan Of The 'Fancy' Star Goes Through

14 January 2015, 06:00

Iggy Azalea 2014 Lollapalooza Day One

The battle for #BestFans2015 is ON, and Iggy Azalea's 'Azaleans' are just one of the 25 fan groups up to win the big prize. Can Iggy steal the crown?

In the space of 12 months, Iggy Azalea has gone from music's best kept secret to one of the biggest artists on the PLANET. But after her whirlwind year, is it enough to steal the #BestFans2015 crown?

Well, that's down to YOU lot. So if you reckon you're a bit of an #Azalean, take our completely scientific and totally foolproof test and then get voting! 

Find out how to vote for Iggy Azalea to win #BestFans2015 right here!

1. As soon as you heard 'Murda Bizness' for the first time way back in 2012, you started Googling EVERYTHING you could about Iggs. You probably know more about her than your own family.


2. When she went and got all 'mainstream', you were actually a little annoyed. FOR LIKE A SECOND, and then you basked in the glory of being one of the first (ish) to know about her. 


3. The day the 'Fancy' music video dropped remains one of the best days of your LIFE - mainly thanks to the fact that it combined your two favourite things: Iggy and 'Clueless'. 


4. And after 'Fancy', there were the HILARIOUS (and kinda endless) parody videos. 'I'm So Pregnant' is probably still the best, but hey, you'd watch ANY that were dedicated to the song of the summer. 


5. Speaking of summer, remember when she performed for the first time at the Summertime Ball with Charli XCX in tow? Oh yeah, of course you do, you were there singing/screaming along! 


6. You're not ashamed to admit that you've printed off lyrics of Iggy's songs just so you could memorise the raps. Well, it certainly comes in handy when you're out on the town.


7. Thanks to Iggy, your confidence is through the roof. Because if SHE can fall off stage mid-performance and then post the footage online because she found it funny, you can trip over on the bus without wanting the ground to swallow you whole


8. How can we NOT mention the girl's body? She gives us squat inspiration for DAYS. No wonder her and J-Lo made a song about their bums...


9. Remember when Iggy gave her NBA player boyfriend a CAR for Christmas, and you couldn't get over how much of a generous goddess she was? 

Iggy Azalea present to boyfriend


10. And then you saw her taking selfies with fans and you were all "WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN?!"

Iggy Azalea Selfie Fan


11. But then it was cool, 'cause you saw her singing the theme tune to 'Neighbours' and realised you are kindred spirits who are destined to cross paths sooner or later...


12. Basically, you are just a straight up #Azalean and in your eyes, everything Iggy does is flawless. Which, yeah, it kinda is. 


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