Harry Styles’ New Album 'Fine Line' Is ‘Inspired By Sadness And Sex’

22 November 2019, 13:03 | Updated: 22 November 2019, 13:04

Harry Styles gets his inspiration from 'sadness and sex'
Harry Styles gets his inspiration from 'sadness and sex'. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles uses inspiration from ‘sadness and sex’ to write his music.

Harry Styles’ second album, ‘Fine Line’, is out on 13 December and he’s already shared ‘Lights Up’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’ with the world.

The One Direction star’s songs are always instant hits, and the 25 year old has finally revealed just where he gets the inspiration from to write his music.

WATCH: Harry Styles Filmed Ziplining And Singing 'Watermelon Sugar' With James Corden

Speaking on Later… with Jools Holland, Harry was asked by the show’s host what his album is about, to which he responded: “Typical stuff really, like being sad, having sex and stuff. It’s what everything’s about really.”

Jools then joked he should change the name of his show to Sadness and Sex and Harry added: “But not sad sex, sad sex is… no.”

The pop star also revealed his second solo album is “more fun” than his debut, self-titled LP which he released in 2017.

“It’s a lot more fun," he said. "I had a lot more fun making it. I think the first record, I was subconsciously making any fun songs a little bit.

“With the first one, I feel I was trying not to get it wrong a bit too much so I kind of feel like I was bowling with the sides up but I’ve taken them off.”

Tickets for Harry’s worldwide tour in 2020 went on sale today [Friday 22 November], selling out within minutes.

He’s also been filming for James Corden’s Late Late Show, where he was seen performing for an upcoming segment.

On the streets of Los Angeles, Harry Styles was filmed singing the likes of 'Sign of the Times', while ziplining across traffic, as James Corden dragged him by his ankles.

Harry also performed his newest songs from his upcoming 'Fine Line' album, such as 'Watermelon Sugar'. The 25-year-old was joined by several dancers, all with watermelon umbrellas, as he stood upon an illuminated platform.

Many reported that The Late Late Show advertised the moment with pink flyers, which read as "Live in Concert... HARRY STYLES in the CROSSWALK (at Beverley and Genesee.

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