Fans React To Harry Styles's Dramatic New Look As He Cuts Off His Hair & Grows A Moustache

2 September 2019, 16:33

Fans react to Harry Styles's new look
Fans react to Harry Styles's new look. Picture: PA/ Twitter @erinsaunderss

Harry Styles took a picture with a fan, and people can't believe his drastic new look of a shorter barnet and a whole lot of facial hair.

Harry Styles's brand new look has been unveiled by a fan's Dad, who got a snap with him at an airport, and fans have divided opinion over his haircut as he gears up for the release of his second album.

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Harry Styles's new look has fans shook
Harry Styles's new look has fans shook. Picture: Twitter/ @erinsaunders

The fan, whose parents met him at an airport, said 'he wore a short sleeved lace open shirt, matching to his shorts, and a white vest underneath' whilst on holiday in Europe, and didn't want anyone to find out his whereabouts for privacy reasons.

Uploading the snaps with her parents, she wrote: "Soooo my dad just met harry in Italy...., cannot f**king believe my eyes."

In another tweet, she proved what a lovely guy Harry is, saying: "love u thankyou for being so lovely to my parents."

"He was so sweet and kind...what an angel."

Harry is no stranger to switching up his look, having rocked various hairstyles throughout his career, but it's the first time he's gone so short with his hair, and experimented with facial hair.

He has finished creating his second album and been spotted filming music videos in various locations including Mexico and Scotland, so it is little wonder he's switched up his look for the occasion, which is taking fans a little getting used to.

Some have reportedly declared they 'unstan' the 'Sign Of The Times' singer for his taking the chop, whilst others are laughing at the extreme opinions of some fans, with one user writing:

"Today i learnt that people will genuinely unstan harry styles for styling his hair differently.. don’t let the door hit y’all on the way out luvs."

Some even joked that he needs to 'stop copying' former bandmate Louis Tomlinson's hair as he's taken inspo' from the 'Two Of Us's' trademark cut, which we think is hilarious.

Whether you look Hazz's new do' or not, we're just happy there's yet another occasion of him being the loveliest guy when meeting fans, or in this case, fans' parents- even when he is on vay-cay!

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