WATCH: Are We Close To Uncovering Drake's Secret Snapchat? We Think So...

We follow pretty much every celeb on Snapchat going... All except for one. No-one can find the 'One Dance' singer on the app, but this is the evidence he DEFINITELY has it!

There are many rumours in the pop world, but there's one that we're CERTAIN isn't just a rumour, but a stone-cold fact... Drake DOES have Snapchat.

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While most celebrities plaster their Snapchat usernames all over the place, no-one can seem to find Drizzy's. Does this mean he just doesn't have the social media app on his phone? Obviously not.

And we've got more than enough evidence to prove it, from DJ Khaled claiming that he follows Drake on Snapchat, to the Canadian rapper actually saying "the best Snapchat I've ever done before".

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We waited SO long for the release of 'VIEWS', but we can't wait any longer for the release of your Snapchat, man.

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