Drake’s Got His Own Search Engine Now. Yes, This Is Really A Thing That’s Happening.

10 April 2015, 15:34

Drake attends Basket Ball Game

‘Let Me Drake That For You’ is really a thing now, if Google’s a bit basic for your liking.

You know you’ve officially made it when you have a search engine of your own – and now Drake is officially the alternative to Google. Yep, really.

A new search engine called ‘Let Me Drake That For You’ lets you search for anything related to Drake that actually exists in the world – all your Drake needs are covered…

The site lets you search for any terms and brings up anything related to Drake as well as offering other suggestions you may like.

While you’re searching, the site will also play Drake songs for you and there is a soundtrack of his grunts when you click around the site.

Because what more could you possibly need in your life… ahem… 

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