Drake Wants New Album To "Bring People Together"

18 June 2012, 16:03 | Updated: 18 June 2012, 16:07

The 'Take Care' star admits he always aims to show "growth" with every project her undertakes.

Drake has confessed that he wants to be remembered as an artist who can "bring people together" as he looks ahead to his third studio album.

The 'Moment 4 Life' star told MTV that he ensures there are feelings of "growth" and being "comfortable" with every new project he does and thinks recent album 'Take Care' helped solidify a lot of issues.

"I feel like with every project we do there's growth and with every project I do, I become more comfortable with the artist I am," he confessed. "'Take Care' solidified a lot of things for me.

"[It's] a list of things that would probably be too immense to go through, but it solidified a lot of things and let me know what I want to do, and who I want to be."

He also opened up on artists who can have a "real impact" on the world and explained today's generation has no political fights in front of them.

"[It's interesting] to see artists that have a real impact on the world," he said. "We live in a generation where there is nothing necessarily to fight for politically, whereas in the Marley documentary [for example] he was fighting for peace in Jamaica.

You can view a picture of Drake and Rihanna during the music video for their collaborative track 'Take Care' below:

take care music vid

"[There's] nothing necessarily for me to step up and say I want to fight for, but there is a way for me to give moments to the world, and to bear my emotions and hope that I'm remembered as that guy who was able to bring people together. I want to be that guy. I want to bring people together," the Canadian added.

Meanwhile, the star's representative recently spoke out over allegations he was involved in a late night altercation with Chris Brown in New York.

The rapper also received high words of praise from the R&B star on the morning of the incident.

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