Drake Opens Up On Justin Bieber Collaboration: "It Was A Very Cool Process" – Audio

9 April 2012, 09:02

The 'Take Care' rapper admits the artists meet on the "ground of melody" and developed a unique writing process.

Drake has confessed that his collaboration with Justin Bieber is "everything you'd imagine" from the pair and writing the song was a "very cool process".

The 'Forever' star told Capital FM that the pair share a bond on the love of melodies and would amp each other up in the studio as they were putting together the track.

Speaking about the duet, he said: "It sounds like everything you'd imagine a great Justin Bieber and Drake song would sound like.

"We meet on the ground of melody he's always like 'Yo, you're melodies are so crazy' and 'give me the craziest melody', so we sat there for a night and it was actually a great studio process.

"What we would do is he would go in the booth for ten minutes and he would hum melodies and then he would walk out and then I'd be like 'I like this one' and then I'd go in and we sort of started coaching each other and amping each other up.

"He would like chime in when I was in the booth and be like 'yo, that was the one'. It was cool, I've never done that before but we would basically just alternate and go in and test out melodies and we picked out about four that we liked - with no words – put them into order and then we're going to now write a song to that. So that's how we're doing it – it was a very cool process."

The star went on to add that he is "hopeful" the collaboration will make it onto the teen star's forthcoming studio album 'Believe' and praised the singer's latest single 'Boyfriend'.

You can listen to Drake speaking to Capital FM's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes about working with Justin Bieber below:

Drake tells Capital about his collaboration with Justin Bieber

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