Drake Dedicates High School Diploma To Mum: "She Always Wanted Me To Graduate" – Video

30 October 2012, 13:02 | Updated: 30 October 2012, 13:14

The 'Take Care' star received the honour earlier this month, ten years after dropping out of school.

Drake can be heard dedicating his high school diploma to his mum after he finally graduated, ten years after dropping out of school recently.

The Canadian rapper admitted it was his mum who was always keen on him graduating and he's pleased to have finally achieved the honour.

"I can honestly say that this piece of paper, I'd like to dedicate to my mother, because she's a retired teacher and always wanted me to graduate," he told the audience. "I think I'll sleep a little better tonight knowing that I found a way to follow through."

The 'Moment 4 Life' star also took the time to offer some advide after he picked up the diploma.

"It's not necessarily about the books that you'll read or the science or math equations that you'll do, because you may end up taking a path in life where a lot of the things that you'll learn you can't necessarily fully apply," he declared. "What this is about today, for all of you, is about the art of following through."

He confessed how much of a "gap" he felt in his life without completing the diploma and was so pleased to have filled the void.

"I reached a point in my life where I saw that there aren't material things that can give me the excitement that I'm looking for," he said. "There's a void, a gap in my life that I needed to fill. It was the fact that I had left a gaping hole in my story following through."

You can listen to Drake picking up his high school diploma below:

Meanwhile, the rapper is currently working on a posthumous Aaliyah album, which is expected to be released later this year.

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