Billie Eilish Defends Drake For Texting Her & Slams Claims He’s ‘Creepy’

4 February 2020, 14:36 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 14:52

Billie Eilish keeps in contact with Drake via text.
Billie Eilish keeps in contact with Drake via text. Picture: PA

Billie Eilish is not here for people calling Drake ‘creepy’.

Billie Eilish has slammed claims Drake is ‘creepy’ for texting her when she was 17.

Drake was criticised last year when Billie revealed during an interview with Vanity Fair that they regularly speak on the phone.

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However, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer has insisted there is nothing sinister about their friendship and there are ‘so many people’ that the internet should be ‘more worried about’.

“Everybody's so sensitive,” she told Vogue. 'A grown man can't be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the internet should be more worried about.

“Like, you're really going to say that Drake is creepy because he's a fan of mine, and then you're going to go vote for Donald Trump? What the f**k is that s**t?”

Billie, who is on the cover of American Vogue this month, also opened up about the pressures of fame and revealed she can now understand why some artists struggle with their mental health.

She said: “As a fan growing up, I was always like 'What the f*** is wrong with them?

"All the scandals. The Britney moment.

"You grow up thinking they're pretty and they're skinny; why would they f*** it up?

"But the bigger I get, the more I'm like 'Oh, my God, of course they had to do that'.

"In my dark places I've worried that I was going to become the stereotype that everybody thinks every young artist becomes, because how can they not?

"Last year, when I was at my lowest point during the tour in Europe, I was worried I was going to have a breakdown and shave my head."

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