Avicii’s Posthumous Album 'Tim' Was Finalised By His Close Friends One Year On From His Tragic Death

7 June 2019, 17:09

Avicii's friends have finished his album 'Tim'
Avicii's friends have finished his album 'Tim'. Picture: Getty

Avicii’s family decided his album should be completed following his sudden death in April last year.

Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, shocked the world when he took his own life in April last year at the age of just 28.

At the time, he had been working on his album, titled Tim, since 2017 after retiring from touring the year before.

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Following his death his friends and producers came together to honour his work, finishing six songs on the posthumous album after Avicii’s dad approached producer Carl Falk.

Speaking to the Guardian, Carl said it felt strange when his father approached him with the task: “I remember it being not awkward, but definitely strange. Like he was a messenger of Tim’s ... ‘I have a proposal for you, but I’m still his dad.’”

After working with Avicii for three songs on his last album, Carl knew that as long as he did something to “better the song” he would go for it, as Tim “never had an ego”.

He added to the Guardian that Tim had previously said he wanted to work with a live orchestra, so Carl “programmed versions of his synth riffs for a string arranger, who interpreted them with an orchestra” – this was for ‘Fades Away’, the last song on the album.

The producer also has little concerns about ethical qualms of finalising the album, describing the process as an emptiness that became a “mission”.

“He told me that this was the first time he’d enjoyed making music in years, so I had to make this as good as I possibly could to honour him and our friendship,” Carl added.

Vincent Pontare and Salem Al Fakir, who also worked on the album, said finishing the album and becoming closer to the Bergling family in the process was “part of the therapy” of grieving for their friend.

They also knew Avicii loved the songs he’d made, with Al Fakir adding: “[He] loved these songs, and wanted them to come out. That’s the sad part. He’s not here, and I feel like he’d just started something.”

'Tim' track list:

- ‘Peace of Mind’

- ‘Heaven’

- ‘SOS’

- ‘Tough Love’

- ‘Bad Reputation’

- ‘Ain’t A Thing’

- ‘Hold The Line’

- ‘Freak’

- ‘Excuse Me’

- ‘Heart Upon My Sleeve’

- ‘Never Leave Me’

- ‘Fades Away’

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