Homeless In Chichester Given High Vis Jackets

Local businesses in Chichester have joined forces to provide high visibility jackets for the city's homeless as the nights become longer and winter sets in.

At the same time, local police have appealed to drivers to be especially alert over one particular section of the A27 on the outskirts of Chichester following two fatal collisions in which pedestrians have died. 

Inspector Kris Ottery from the neighbourhood response team said: "We have talked to the homeless community about the dangers of crossing the main A27 road between the Whyke and Stockbridge roundabouts. Thanks to the generosity of Covers, Halfords, Homebase, Jewsons and Tesco, we have been able to provide fluorescent jackets that will make a big difference to them being seen by drivers. 

"Additionally, I would urge motorists using roads anywhere in the district at this time of year to pay especial attention to other road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, who themselves should take every possible precaution to make sure that they are highly visible at all times."